Apr 222011

It might come to you as a surprise but having a certified immigration Canada lawyer may not be the best option you have. For many individuals, this could be the only idea that they have which would aid their goals of applying for immigration to Canada and become a permanent resident to be able to enjoy the benefits from health care to steady employment that come with living there. There is no doubt that Canada is one of the best places to live in but are you sure that you are gearing towards the right decision with regards to searching for an immigration Canada lawyer. Take into consideration the following factors.

While there is no question about it that a certified immigration Canada lawyer will have the adequate educational background, necessary skills set and experience for processing your papers, the cases of immigration are not actually that challenging. There might be tedious work but it is nothing that you will not be able to handle without the help of any other professional. In addition to that, you might find that the right services are not guaranteed or fulfilled with an immigration Canada lawyer. For instance, some people who have hired an immigration Canada lawyer can still get surprised along the process as some unexpected fees or documentations required are met along the way. In majority of cases, an immigration Canada lawyer may not prepare the client for the interview aspect and will only be willing to lend a hand for the filling out, handling, and filing of forms and papers. As a last reason for an immigration Canada lawyer not being the best choice for individuals who hope to find a better life in Canada, these professionals do not send in just a bill amount to take so lightly. The minimum fee for hiring an immigration Canada lawyer is $1000 while it averages on $3000. There are times where you are only covering for their service charges and not for the fees involved with the immigration process.

Now that you know what you can truly expect with hiring an immigration Canada lawyer, you may be asking what then will be the right name to call to for help with the whole procedure and with the accomplishment of a successful approval. The answer is that of “My Immigration Consultant”—the first complete software guide for hopeful immigrants to Canada.

You can be assured that “My Immigration Consultant” will be able to equal if not surpass the amount of information you will receive regarding the proper ways of handling application for permanent resident Visa from that of an immigration Canada lawyer. As it was created by experts from Strategic Immigration Services, this stage-by-stage, e-book-like immigration manual will be more than sufficient and well worth its value of $47 to $97. It is not even a tenth of the cost of an immigration Canada lawyer but you will be able to get additional tips to improve your profile for the Canadian embassy. As long as you follow the instructions and pay close attention to each module from “My Immigration Consultant”, you are sure to be prepared from the preparation of documents and initial application right down to the interview.

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