Apr 212011

Canada is considered as one of the consistent places in the top 10 for the list of countries with the highest immigrant population. Each year, the country welcomes 170,000 people more into their doorsteps who are hoping to become a permanent and legal citizen with most being immigration to Canada from India. Who could blame these individuals? Canada has one of the best living conditions in the world from their health care delivery system to their press and media. Many opportunities await people who are longing for a career to bloom along the way. This country can also provide a good education for your children with top educational institutions like University of Toronto and University of British Columbia. If you are interested in the process of immigration to Canada from India though, you might need professional help.

People who hear professional help for immigration to Canada from India immediately think of finding a law firm. Do you know how much an immigration lawyer may cost you? An immigration attorney in India is usually within the range of $1000 to $3000. This is what you can expect especially if you are applying for a green card visa. There are also those who offer their services for as little as $500 but you are only paying for their professional fees and will have to shoulder the other expenses as well such as filing documents. However, there is an alternative to all of these tall amounts of costs with the process of immigration to Canada from India. You could save as much as 1.6% and use it in an even more affordable and sensible investment with the manual “My Immigration Consultant”.

My Immigration Consultant” is the cheapest yet most reliable way for giving light on immigration to Canada from India. This e-book like software has been created by Strategic Immigration Services specifically for citizens in other countries who desire to live in Canada but cannot easily afford access to services about the immigration process itself. Inside, you will get the expert help and guide to each and every procedure along immigration to Canada from India. Therefore, you will not have to feel alone in it.

Take in mind that “My Immigration Consultant” software manual was designed to inform you about the proper and legal process of immigration to Canada from India. You will still have to make an effort with the fulfillment of the rest of the requirements of the Canadian embassy. Do not worry though because every single detail that you must know is in this manual. It will be just like sitting with a professional lawyer only better as you do not have to pay thousands of dollars for it. For the low price of $47, you will be provided with all the personal and professional documents that have to be prepared. Many clients have bought it already and have met their newfound and improved living in Canada. Remember to utilize and view “My Immigration Consultant” if you are looking for the right yet most sensible method of figuring the proper immigration to Canada from India.

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