Apr 222011

Believe it or not, you are not the only U.S. resident who plans to move to Canada. According to a census conducted from the entry of this decade, as much as 4% of the total number of immigrants flocking to Canada comes from America. With that being said and considering that the factors are more or less approximate the value, you can come up with an estimated minimum of 11,000 U.S. residents that were part of the 280,636 approved applications for immigration to Canada from USA. These were all data from the year of 2010. Seeing that the Canadian government has increased their initial grant for applications from 265,000, you should not take chances though and ensure that you get fully prepared for your application for immigration to Canada from USA.

The usual trouble with all immigration processes which does not exempt immigration to Canada from USA is that there could be some required work that needs to be dealt with. You could either accomplish it with a lawyer specifically for this field or you could carry out the tasks on your own. For the former, you will definitely meet a lot of disadvantages especially afterwards when the bill gets sent to you. The ordinary immigration lawyer will charge for a minimum of $1000 and this might only cover his or her professional fees. Sometimes, this could grow to as much as $3000. Even if you are an individual who plans for immigration to Canada from USA which is a quite well off country, you might agree that this is a huge slash off your savings. This could have been easily used for buying a used car, paying for rentals or other investments for your new home in Canada.

As Canada is one of the most sought off countries for foreigners to live in because of the especially well state of living, there will be some intense competition. You cannot afford to miss this year’s opportunity to live at this country for a finer way of life but you cannot afford such amount merely for an immigration lawyer. To avoid any unfortunate outcomes, why not try a software tool that has been developed to educate you about immigration to Canada from USA. “My Immigration Consultant” can be of great help for your situation as many other clients have found it to be. You will just have to watch it and go through all the lessons. The best part is that for only a price of $97, which will not even equal to a tenth of the amount you would pay for an attorney, you will get a comprehensive manual for immigration to Canada from USA.

Even if not many individuals are willing to pay for thousands of dollars just for a few consultations and management of papers for immigration to Canada from USA, it is safe to say that there are many USA residents who would want a chance for them and their family for a better way of life. That can easily be achieve through the purchase of a helpful software called “My Immigration Consultant”.

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