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Bright Angel Trailhead Renovation - Ribbon Cutting - May 18, 2013 - 118 In this text I hope to inspire you to delve into the artwork and craft of image framing. I believe that I’ve stated sufficient in this article, so, I higher cease now, next article will be, The sixth circle negative. I am praying you with all of the strength that I have in my coronary heart in my soul and in my mind for safety from the forces of evil; as a result of I concern the unfavorable life drive of the universe when I have to put in writing about it: But, in this a part of my religious writings that I name Reconciliation of the Universe I’ve to jot down in regards to the negative life-force of the universe, and because of this I need your protection, just because the forces of evil might be capable to benefit from me whereas I’m speaking about them. I know that this a harmful place for me; due to this fact, I hope that what I am writing is in keeping with your will, as a result of I am sure that if my writings is your will, then You’ll protect me from any danger.

Decorative Ethnic Box : Public Domain Pictures So, God of the universe is, all of the life energies of the universe, this consists of the cosmos because it helps ‘The Life Force of God of the Universe’, because the cosmos not solely is a listening and transmitting devise, but God can use the cosmos to transmit something and any elected a part of Himself from one point to another level of the galaxy, the cosmos additionally collects throughout the galaxy free floating positive life power, and filters out any impurities earlier than they reach the central positive life pressure of God of the Universe, since the central Life Force of God of the Universe is pure constructive life power, and will run only on pure life energy; To achieve this God of the Universe acts like an enormous magnetic drive, which attracts all the constructive life energy of the universe to himself/itself, and then God distribute it as He pleases. Because here we are going to speak about the destructive life force of the universe, we consider that we’re entering a place of hidden spiritual dangers, whether you believe it or not try to follow our warning, because we imagine that these unfavourable forces exist, simply just like the positive forces of God exists.

Most of these destructive angels operate similar to God’s angels, due to this fact, they take care of all of the unfavorable souls of the universe since they’re like themselves. Transform your under utilized dining room into a cushty house extra like an eat-in kitchen or breakfast nook. Sadly, generally the dining room loses its identification when saddled with the actions of each day life. Now, simply as the positive life forces of the universe has many constructive angels; the destructive life drive of the universe has negative angels. The adverse life drive stands in opposition to the constructive life pressure of God of the Universe, however regardless that it stands in opposition, it’s a part of the life energies of the universe and does God’s will, as a result of they need each other, in order to complete the life cycle of the universe; nonetheless, there is just one God all through the universe, which is the one life power that guides the universe, and also there’s the move of energies that has to circulate in the right course: this flow of energies that we are speaking about is not simple to clarify, so, we have to go away it to our imagination. My Lord God, I pray you to protect me from the drive of evil, because I am writing about this imaginary journey, that will take me in the little known and harmful a part of the universe the place the damaging life power dwells.

And it is because of this that I am praying to guard me from the force of evil. You don’t should say an extended prayer if you are only studying a few traces, and it may very well be enough to pray solely thus: My Lord God, protect me from the force of evil. So, let me suggest this to you: Love and pray God with all of your coronary heart: But concern the drive of evil as a result of it could harm or destroy you. So, we may have to assume that we reside inside God and are a part of God; since God life force energies are everywhere and covers your entire galaxy. Now allow us to discuss concerning the cosmos; the cosmos is all the things put collectively and binds collectively each living factor, it’s also the medium of communication all through the universe, and as the cosmos covers the entire galaxy, so does God’s powers and that is the explanation why God can hear and see every thing. Now allow us to speak about the 2 life forces of the universe. Now if you really really feel that you prefer to to write a guide about religion for the advantage of future generations, you could open a free account in Hub Pages and start writing your own religious concepts.

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